Why do parrots hang upside down

Why Do Parrots Hang Upside Down?

Parrots are in a much better position to take off from the ground than being upside down. They actively put themselves in a vulnerable spot when they assume this position.

So when a parrot hangs upside down it means that it feels safe and confident in its environment. Parrots are commonly seen in this position when they’re sleeping or roosting. However, there are several other occasions where parrots may feel frisky enough to hang from the cage.

Why Is My Parrot Hanging Upside Down?

You may have commonly seen your parrot sleeping in this position, but why do parrots prefer this unusual posture? There may be several reasons for a parrot to hang upside down. Some reasons include the following:

Sleeping Position

One of the most common instances of hanging upside down is when your parrot is about to go to sleep. It is not a typical sleeping position for parrots, but many choose to roost in this state, especially when they trust their surroundings. 

Because of their vulnerable position, it’s important not to approach your bird suddenly. It can frighten them and they may lose trust in you. If you see your parrot hanging upside down, let them enjoy their time relaxing.

Higher Perch

Parrots naturally have a preference for higher perches. In the wild, they often roost in tall trees, away from predators. This preference for height is instinctive and helps parrots in captivity as well. Parrots seek out the highest points in their cages or outside their cage to make themselves feel secure, especially when hanging upside down. 

Hanging upside down compromises their take-off ability so they usually choose a higher location to keep themselves safe from dangers on the ground. A higher perch also provides them with a better vantage point to observe their surroundings, which ensures their safety.


In terms of defense, hanging upside down is the most inconvenient position for a parrot to be in. In the upside-down position, if a parrot were to be attacked, it would be putting itself in an extremely vulnerable spot. Hanging upside down can impact its take-off angle and speed as well as its ability to notice the predator. 

Yet, some parrots like being in the position anyway. And there’s only one explanation for this  – They trust their environment and have no issue with being vulnerable. They have realized that their home is the safest place and their human companions will always have their back just like their flock mates in the wild. 

It usually takes time for a parrot to be this relaxed and free in its environment. It all comes down to cultivating a relationship of trust with your parrot and making it feel safe.   


When your parrot is in a good mood, it may hang upside down for its entertainment. It is often seen as a jolly posture because your parrot may want to play. That is the case most of the time, but if the parrot has a mate in the cage, it can also be to show off its skills. Sometimes in play, one parrot might teach the other parrot new things that it learned. Parrots housed together often help each other in training and other activities.

Parrot hanging from its cage


Parrots have a playful nature, and hanging upside down can be one of their ways to have fun and explore. It might give them a little kick as it is different from their usual routine of perching in an upright position. 

When a parrot hangs upside down, it’s having a good time and also working and stretching its muscles. This posture allows them to work on their balance and coordination, which also works their muscles.

Is It Safe For Parrots To Hang Upside Down?

Humans cannot hang upside down for too long as the blood can pool to the head due to gravity.

However, birds do not face this problem due to their much smaller size. It is safe for parrots to hang upside down because of their small size, which enables their hearts to efficiently pump blood evenly through their bodies.

Hanging upside down can be a bit risky for parrots though, as there’s a chance they might lose their grip and fall. But it’s not a cause for concern as long as parrots have the safety of their wings, which can prevent them from crashing to the ground. 

However, when a parrot’s wings are clipped, they can be at risk of falling to the ground. The chances of accidental falls are low in parrots because parrots have a strong grip.

If your parrot falls off from its perch or when hanging upside down, it could be having trouble maintaining balance. There can be a number of medical reasons as well as perch problems that need to be addressed.

Why Does My Parrot Hang From Its Beak?

You might often see your parrot hanging from its beak on the cage bars, trying to climb around. A parrot’s beak is a versatile tool that they often use in conjunction with their feet for activities like climbing and gripping objects. When your parrot hangs by its beak, it’s usually just having fun or exploring its surroundings.

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