Who We Are

Welcome to Flock Companion – Your companion on everything surrounding parrots and pet birds. 

We are a group of friends with one thing in common –  our love for birds. We understand that caring for our parrots is unlike any other experience. Parrots are not like your conventional pets and need special care and a lot of attention. We bring to you a range of articles on topics such as behavior, health, diet & nutrition, training, and more. Our goal is to share our hands-on experiences to help you live a great life with your pet bird.

We’re Always Here For You 

Caring for our pet birds is a full-time job but it shouldn’t feel like one. That is why our mission at Flock Companion is to help parrot parents not only create the perfect home for their birds but also have fun while doing it.   

Since owning a pet parrot is such a unique experience, there are always situations where you feel you could have a friend who would guide you. You might have questions that are specific to your bird but might not always find the answer. But don’t worry! Your friends at Flock Companion are always there to help you. With years of experience caring for our own birds, we have a knack for making birds happy and would be more than happy to help you out. Feel free to reach out to us for any personal query related to your bird by emailing us at info@flockcompanion.com

Editorial Policy 

At Flock Companion, we ensure that all information provided in our articles is accurate, helpful, and trustworthy. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy and credibility when it comes to producing quality content that helps pet bird owners. All of our articles use information from reputable sources, including peer-reviewed research studies, expert-authored books, and authoritative academic journals, to ensure that the facts presented are thoroughly researched and supported by reliable evidence. We update all our articles on a regular basis to ensure the information is useful, up-to-date, and relevant to our readers.