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Why Does My Parrot Stare At Me? (7 Common Reasons)

Do you feel like your parrot’s eyes are following you around? If your parrot is constantly staring at you, it can seem a bit strange, but then again, so are many other things they do.

Since we cannot get inside our parrot’s minds, it is difficult to know for sure what exactly is the reason they stare. However, they often communicate in body language signs which can help us decipher the mystery of their stare.

Your parrot may stare at you for various reasons, though mostly it is an expression of love. To really understand what your bird is trying to communicate, you need to look at other body language signs.

If your parrot seems relaxed while staring at you, it suggests they are looking at you with love. However, if the stare is accompanied by signs like puffed feathers and agitated movements, it may indicate other emotions, such as fear, discomfort, or even aggression.

Why Does My Parrot Keep Staring?

There can be a variety of reasons why your parrot stares at you. It is essentially one of their many non-verbal ways of communicating with you. Determining what your parrot’s different gazes mean can help you understand them better.

They’re Expressing Affection

The stare your parrot gives you might not actually be a stare. Your parrot might be just looking at you with love. Parrots love their owners and can be deeply attached to them.

When your parrot is giving you an affectionate gaze, its eyes may be dilated, also called eye pinning. Eye pinning is also a form of body language that parrots use. It is when the pupils in their eyes dilate, going from large to small.

Parrot looking directly and eye pinning

You’re Eating In Front Of Them

All parrots are attracted to the sight of food, especially when they see someone else eating it.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be delicious. Because you’re eating it in front of them, they assume it’s a delicious treat that is safe to eat.

When you look from afar it may seem like your parrot is staring at you while in reality, they’re actually looking at the food you’re eating. If they’re in their cage, it is not possible for them to fly towards you, but they may start vocalizing to get your attention.

So if you feel it is something that is safe for your parrot to eat, you should offer some to them. However, if it is junk food or something that is not appropriate for birds to eat, you should avoid eating it in front of them. It is not good to tease them as that may provoke them to scream. 

They’re Reading Your Body Language

Parrots are keen observers. That’s how they learn to imitate their owners and form close bonds with them. So when your bird watches you it could be trying to understand your body language and movements. 

It may also be hearing your voice and looking at your other behaviors as it helps them distinguish you from other people. Parrots recognize their owners by various physical and non-physical characteristics like facial features, voice, and smell.

They’re Being Aggressive

While for the most part, your parrot’s stare is an inquisitive behavior, sometimes the look they give you can be stern and aggressive. When a parrot feels threatened it may stare to communicate its aggressive stance. 

Parrots are territorial creatures and they may use staring as a way to create boundaries and warn any potential intruders. Often, it is not just about their living areas, but other belongings that they are attached to. Parrots can be possessive about their toys, food, and favorite people.

However, it’s hard to tell if a parrot is angry just by a look. An angry parrot may exhibit other behavioral signs like puffing up its feathers to appear larger, hissing, and pacing back and forth.

Other signs of aggression in parrots include:

  • Lunging
  • Biting
  • Screaming
  • Growling
Parrot staring intensely

They’re Scared

Parrots are scared easily, and if they’re feeling anxious, they may perceive everything around them as a threat. They may fixate their gaze on a person and try to assess the situation. It’s their way of staying vigilant and trying to figure out their escape route if anything were to attack them.

It doesn’t usually happen with an owner or a person they’re familiar with. Parrots may stare at someone with a suspicious eye when they’re unfamiliar. So, if you notice your bird staring at the guests, it could be that they’re a bit tense. 

It is crucial to approach this situation with care. You should try to calm your bird and make it feel secure by letting it perch on your hand. You should also give them some space to feel more at ease so that they are up to meeting the guests. 

They’re Curious

Parrots are curious and perceptive, which is why they can’t help but always keep an eye on what’s happening around them. The world outside of their cage has many things that don’t make sense to them. 

For example, if you’re on your phone all the time, or doing your household chores, your parrot may not know what it all means until it gets accustomed to your routine. 

If your parrot is watching you from inside its cage, when you’re curiously lost in your laptop, it could be because they’re confused and trying to figure out what it is that you’re doing.

Parrot staring curiously with head tilted sideways

They Want Your Attention

Parrots can make eye contact with you when they want your attention. When parrots feel bored, they may simply watch you to get your approval. It also means that your bird is not playing with its toys which is a bad sign.

You should teach your parrot to keep themselves stimulated by interacting with their toys and environment. They shouldn’t solely rely on you for stimulation.

What Should I Do When My Parrot Stares At Me?

It is usually not a bad thing if your parrot likes to watch you. However, it may be a little uncomfortable or weird when it happens every day. But it is important to deal with it in an appropriate manner.

Regardless of the reason your bird may stare, you shouldn’t stare back at them. This might send the wrong signals and confuse them all the more.

The best to stop your parrot from staring at you is to go over and interact with them. That way you can better understand what your bird is saying to you. Also if you know that staring is an occasional habit for your parrot, you may simply ignore them.

However, you shouldn’t approach them if they’re being aggressive. In that case, it is better to give your parrot some space and respect boundaries. Also, if your parrot stares at you while constantly changing its position, it may be feeling intimidated by you. So it may not be for the better to approach them without warning.

Staring is usually nothing to worry about and it’s completely normal behavior in parrots. In fact, it can be a chance to get to know your parrot a little better.

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