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How Much Does A Talking Parrot Cost? (Prices In 2024)

If you’re considering purchasing a talking parrot, there’s a range of options available, and you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars. 

The price of a parrot is influenced by various factors, such as species, size, demand, and talking ability. However, the cost of a parrot does not specifically depend on its talking ability.   

Affordable choices, such as budgerigars and Quaker parrots can be purchased for under $500, while larger talking parrots like the African grey and macaws can go as high as $3000.

Talking Parrots With Prices

Parrot SpeciesPriceTalking Proficiency Lifespan
Budgerigar $20–$80Intermediate5–8 years
Quaker Parrots$250–$500Intermediate20–30 years
Indian Ringneck Parakeets$400–$1,500Intermediate20–30 years
Cockatiels$80–$250Basic10–15 years
Conures$300–$800Basic20–30 years
Derbyan Parakeet$1500–$2000Intermediate20–30 years
Amazon Parrots$1,000–$3,000Advanced25–60 years
Eclectus parrots$800–$3,000Intermediate30–40 years
Macaws$1,000–$18,000Advanced30–50 years
Cockatoos$1,400–$3,500Advanced40–60 years
African Greys$1,500–$4,000Advanced40–60 years

Budgerigar – $20–$80

Budgerigar perched on a wooden branch

The budgie is a small bird, but it certainly holds its own when it comes to talking ability. It is among the best talkers in the parrot kingdom, and its intelligence and mimicking skills can rival those of medium to large-sized parrots.

The highest vocabulary ever recorded in any parrot in the world was that of a budgie. Budgies are highly intelligent and can acquire a good vocabulary with practice and training. 

The talking voice of a budgie sounds like a tape recorder playing, however, the words are quite clear. Budgies are very vocal and inquisitive birds and often learn to mimic various sounds from their surroundings. In addition to talking, budgies whistle and chatter in pleasant tunes.

Quaker Parrots – $250–$500

Quaker Parrot

Quaker parrots are fun and energetic birds with a finicky temperament. They are most famous for their comical nature and exceptional talking ability. Many Quakers can learn to mimic pretty early on and some even start talking as early as 3 months of age. 

While Quaker parrots are not shy birds by any means, some of them can be closet talkers, which means they only talk when alone. Some owners think that their Quaker parrot does not talk, but one day they discover them reciting words to themselves. 

Different types of sounds in the environment are a stimulus for Quakers to talk. However, with training, they can collect a great amount of words and phrases. 

Indian Ringneck Parakeet – $400 – $1,500

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Indian ringneck parakeets are talented talkers with a knack for imitating words, sounds, and even long phrases. These birds are so good at remembering that they can recite long phrases and gather a big vocabulary. 

The clarity of their voice is remarkable and has a loud pitch. However, it lacks the realism of the imitation by a larger parrot. Indian ringneck parakeets sound like a squeaky toy when they speak. 

Nevertheless, they are endearing in their own way, having a comical aspect to their vocalizations. Despite the distinctive sound, Indian ringneck parakeets are excellent mimics, often surprising their owners with the variety of sounds they can reproduce.

Cockatiel – $80–$250


Cockatiels, especially the males, have a knack for imitating words and songs they hear frequently. Their way of talking is more musical and sweet. They are particularly good singers, making melodious whistles and imitating songs. 

Cockatiels typically don’t have a vast vocabulary compared to some other talking parrots. They can only say a few words, and their voice often has a scratchy and grating sound. However, their repertoire of sounds and whistles is quite extensive, making it a delight to hear their cheerful voices around the house. 

Conures – $300–$800

Green-cheeked conure

Conures charm people with their playfulness and amusing antics. They are small to medium-sized birds with an incredibly loud voice. 

Some conure species like the Sun conure and Jenday conure are among the loudest parrots and can produce ear-splitting vocalizations. 

Conures are decent talkers and can learn a few words. They do have an extensive vocabulary, but they can certainly be taught some words and phrases.  

Derbyan Parakeet – $1500–$2000

Derbyan parakeet

Derbyan parakeets, also known as Derby’s parakeets or Lord Derby’s parakeets are medium-sized parrots native to the evergreen forests of India, Tibet, and southern China.

It is one of the largest parakeets measuring 18-20 inches. Derbyan Parakeets are good talkers. It is quite impressive to hear the clarity and articulation with which they mimic sounds and say words. 

Derbyan parakeets can be trained to become skilled talkers. They can repeat long phrases and even learn to say complete sentences.  

Amazon Parrots – $1,000–$3,000

Blue fronted amazon

Amazon parrots are renowned for their impressive talking ability. These parrots have the capacity to develop an extensive vocabulary, making them accomplished mimics. 

When trained, Amazon parrots can articulate a variety of words and phrases with clarity. Amazon parrots are not only proficient talkers but are also melodious singers. 

They have a fondness for music and can learn whole songs. Their renditions of human songs are quite good though occasionally they may go a bit off-key. 

Eclectus parrots – $800–$3,000

Male and female Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus parrots are generally calm and docile birds. They do not make much noise and have an easygoing personality. These colorful birds are quite talkative and are capable of developing a good vocabulary. 

Eclectus parrots are famous for their remarkable sexual dimorphism, where males and females exhibit strikingly different colors. The males boast a vibrant emerald green plumage, while the females showcase deep red feathers.

Macaws – $1,000–$18,000

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Macaws are very good talkers. They can learn to say words, and phrases and mimic human speech. They have strong vocals which makes their quality of voice loud and clear. 

When it comes to mimicking sounds, macaws have exceptional accuracy. They can mimic a whole range of sounds including phone ringtones, doorbells, kissing sounds, coughing, sneezing, and other household noises. 

However, when they vocalize, their calls are screechy and hard. If you plan to buy a macaw, you should know about their tendency to be loud and noisy. Macaws are large parrots and they can produce extremely loud sounds. 

Cockatoos – $1,400–$3,500

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

Cockatoos are better at mimicking sounds than speaking words. They are decent at talking and can speak words clearly, though their voice sounds a bit robotic. Some of the best-talking cockatoo species include the Galah, Sulfur-Crested cockatoos, and Major Mitchell’s cockatoos.

Cockatoos have an impressive ability to mimic various sounds, including lifelike imitations such as dog barks, cat meows, and even human speech. They are talented mimickers and can replicate a diverse range of household sounds.

African Greys – $1,500–$4,000

African Grey Parrot

African greys are regarded as the best-talking parrots. They have a superior talking ability and impeccable clarity of voice. They are fast learners, capable of quickly picking up new words and building a strong vocabulary of hundreds of words. 

The famous Alex, the African grey parrot had a vocabulary of around 100 words and could identify colors and shapes by name. Another African grey named Einstein could speak over 200 sounds and words, with the impressive ability to say 70 of them on cue. 

What Is The Cheapest Parrot That Can Talk?

If you are looking for a talking parrot on a tight budget, you may consider budgerigar. A Budgie is the cheapest talking parrot you can buy. 

They’re not only affordable but also known for their talking ability. Despite their small size, budgies are intelligent birds and can pick up words and phrases with training. 

To encourage their talking abilities, provide a stimulating environment and spend quality time with them. Budgies can make delightful and budget-friendly pets.

Male Vs Female Parrot: Which Is The Better Talker?

Many people believe that male parrots are better talkers than females, however, this is not entirely true. Across various parrot species, both males and females exhibit differences in personalities, temperaments, and vocal abilities. For instance, in species like cockatiels, male birds tend to be more vocal and inclined towards talking, while females are often quieter.

However, such generalizations apply to only a few parrot species. In the majority of cases, the gender of a parrot does not reliably predict its proficiency in talking. Each parrot, regardless of gender, possesses unique traits and potential for talking. 

What Factors Influence The Talking Ability Of A Parrot?


Some species are naturally inclined to talk and may even learn on their own. Parrots like African Grey Parrots and Amazon Parrots, are renowned for their exceptional talking abilities.


Parrots exposed to a variety of sounds, including music and human speech, are more likely to start talking. A quiet and stimulating environment encourages parrots to talk as they can register sounds much more easily. On the other hand, a noisy environment can keep parrots from developing their talking skills as it is harder for them to listen and focus on one particular sound. 


Not all parrots will start talking on their own, though some are more precocious than others. Spending time training your parrot and talking to them is key in developing a parrot’s talking skills.

You need to repeat words over and over for them to grasp the sound. It is also equally important to be patient during this process as each parrot learns at its own pace.

Where Can I Buy A Talking Parrot?

If you’re interested in buying a talking parrot, there are several options you can go for:

Pet Stores:

Pet stores sell a wide variety of bird species from budgies, and cockatiels to cockatoos and macaws. They offer a selection of talking parrots and also provide customer service. You will also find all necessary accessories for parrots such as cages, toys, perches, etc.

Parrot Breeders:

Breeders who specialize in one genus of parrots have better quality of birds, although they may charge higher. They can provide information about the bird’s health, behavior, and care requirements. When buying from a breeder, ensure they follow ethical breeding practices.

Rescue Organizations:

You can consider adopting a parrot from a rescue organization. By adopting a parrot you can provide the bird a home and it is often more affordable than purchasing from a breeder.

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