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9 Most Affectionate Parrot Species That Love to Cuddle

Our love language is much different from that of parrots. Parrots may not understand physical forms of love from the start, but with close bonding, most can come to appreciate it, even if they don’t necessarily enjoy cuddling.

Also, cuddling might be a common way for us to show love, but parrots express their affection in many different ways. They often show their love through preening, nuzzling, playbiting, or even regurgitating food.

That being said, there are some species of parrots that are naturally more inclined to enjoy physical touch. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy to befriend, we have rounded up 9 most affectionate parrot species that like to cuddle. 

Cuddly Parrot Species

Here are the 9 cuddliest parrot species:


Sun Conure 

Conures have a sociable and playful demeanor and like to be the center of attraction in the household. They appreciate physical displays of love just as much as they like attention from people. 

They often snuggle against their owners’ necks or perch on their shoulders. Conures also have a unique habit of curling up in their owner’s hands or even falling asleep in their arms. Adding to their charm is their inquisitive streak, sometimes crawling and hiding into pockets or shirts. 

All conures are affectionate, but some species are particularly snuggle bunnies. Green-cheeked conures, sun conures, jenday conures, and peach-faced conures are considered to be the cuddliest of the conures. 


Moluccan Cockatoo

Cockatoos are known for being extremely cuddly and affectionate, earning them the nickname “velcro birds.” When hand-tamed, they can form strong bonds with their owners and make loving pets. 

They crave constant attention from their owners and enjoy being pet all over their bodies. However, meeting their social needs can become a huge time commitment as these are demanding pets. 

Also, cockatoos also have the tendency to become one-person birds, getting too attached to their owner. This can sometimes lead to socially undesirable behaviors, such as jealousy of other people and a constant need for attention.

While many species of cockatoos are generally affectionate, individual personalities can vary and also some species may not be as cuddly as others. Many owners report that Galahs are not too cuddly, even though they are friendly. 



Budgies are friendly, loyal, and endlessly fun. They are ideal for those seeking an outgoing and affectionate companion who gets along with everyone. 

Budgies make great family pets and can share their love with all family members equally. These small parrots are not overt fond of handling and touching, but they do have a cuddly side. 

Budgies typically like to be petted by people they have connections with and feel comfortable around. If a budgie likes you it will allow physical closeness and show other signs of affection such as preening your hair, singing, tail wagging, and rubbing its beak on you.

They like gentle strokes on their head and nape, and they’re fond of receiving kisses on their heads too. Their delightful nature makes them excellent cuddle companions. 


Lilian’s lovebird

This small and adorable parrot is so adorable it is hard to resist cuddling them and lucky for you, they love to snuggle. Lovebirds are small cuddle bugs that shower hugs and kisses on their favorite people. 

These feisty parrots have big personalities and love to be around their human at all times. If they nuzzle up to you, this intimate gesture means they feel safe with you and trust their surroundings. With their loving, and energetic nature, these birds also make good pets for family.

Quaker Parrots

Quaker parrot

Quaker parrots are incredibly cuddly birds, but they do not like everyone around them. Their cuddles are exclusively reserved for the people they are close to. 

They can become real sweethearts if you spend enough time with them. Quakers love to receive affection and know how to give it back. Quakers thrive on human interaction and are great companions. They love to cuddle and snuggle and be close to their owners. 



Cockatiels are known for their sweet and affectionate demeanor, making them one of the most beloved parrots among bird enthusiasts. 

Cockatiels enjoy being petted, especially on the back of their head, and cheeks. They also appreciate it when you scratch and help them with the new feathers growing on their heads. 

Despite their affectionate nature, they are rarely needy or pushy. They are happy with just being around you. When they’re out of their cage, they like your company but do not seek attention. You can be doing activities like reading, watching TV, or studying and your cockatiel will simply hang by. 

These small parrots are intelligent, active, and very loyal. They have outgoing personalities and thrive in family environments, where they can interact with everyone around them. 

African Greys 

African Grey Parrot

African greys are highly intelligent and social birds that require hours of interaction daily. They like handling, and head scratches, and some cuddling. 

They bond deeply with their humans and remain loyal to them for the rest of their lives. If they do not get as much attention from other people in the family, African greys can become one-person birds. 

Aside from their loving natures, African Greys are intelligent, picking up commands quickly and showcasing a remarkable ability for learning and problem-solving. They’re also known for their exceptional mimicry skills, mimicking human speech and various sounds with astonishing accuracy.


hyacinth-macaw eating grass in the wild

Macaws are big birds with charming personalities. They look big and intimidating, but they’re naturally very amiable and appreciate all the love you can give them. 

Hyacinth macaws are called gentle giants and are sweet-natured birds. They like getting their feathers gently rubbed and snuggling up to people. 

However, it is not just hyacinth macaws that are cuddly, most macaw species have a reputation for being incredibly affectionate birds. 

These birds will cuddle up with you at the end of a long day to make you feel relaxed. Their soft feathers and giant bodies make them all the more perfect for cuddling.

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