Can Parrots Eat Avocado? 

Avocado has been growing popular as a healthy fruit in recent times. With its rich nutrient profile, it is just as healthy as it is tasteless.

But it is not something you should consider giving to your parrots as a treat. And no, it’s not because it is bland and your parrot won’t like it. 

Avocado contains a lot of good nutrients but it also has a small amount of a certain type of toxin in it. While it is harmless to us humans, it can be highly toxic to certain animal and bird species, including parrots.  

Parrots cannot eat avocados. All parts of avocado including the flesh, pit, skin, and leaves contain a toxin called persin, which can affect the heart and respiratory system of parrots and even cause cardiac arrest. 

Are Avocados Bad For Parrots?

It is not safe to feed avocado to your parrot or even eat one around them. Avocados contain concentrated amounts of a highly toxic compound called persin which can cause serious health issues for parrots and put undue stress on their heart muscles.  

Although avocado has a lot of healthy nutrients, it can not be safely consumed by parrots. This chemical compound is present in avocados and can be found in the pit from where it reaches into the flesh and other parts of the fruit. 

Why Is Avocado Toxic To Parrots?

Avocado contains a substance called persin, which can be toxic to parrots. It is found in varying amounts in different parts of the avocado, including the fruit, leaves, bark, and seeds.

However, the leaves of avocado contain the highest amount of this compound and hence can be deadly if consumed even in small quantities. While some birds are more sensitive to its effects than others, parrots are particularly susceptible to its toxicity.

What Can Happen If My Parrot Eats Avocado?

The clinical effects of ingesting avocado are associated with myocardial necrosis in birds. In simple terms, this means the death of the heart muscle cells due to a lack of oxygen supply. This can result in severe cardiac distress for the parrots and potentially lead to heart failure.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 8 canaries, and 8 budgerigars were fed mashed avocado. Each bird was given the same dosage, however, two budgerigars were given water via a feeding tube.  

6 of 8 budgerigars and 1 of the 8 canaries died within 24 to 47 hours of eating the mashed avocados. The study concluded that avocados are highly toxic to budgerigars and less to canaries.

If your parrot accidentally eats a little piece of your avocado, it can be very dangerous and even life-threatening for it. Since parrots are highly susceptible to the toxins of avocados, you may notice symptoms of toxicity within a few hours.

Parrots that have ingested avocado may experience agitation, vomiting, and heart palpitations. In such a situation, it is crucial that you act quickly and seek veterinary help right away. 

The chances of survival in avocado toxicosis depend on how quickly treatment is administered. Typically, If a bird is brought in for treatment within 2 hours of ingestion, it is more likely to survive. 

When the affected parrot is brought for treatment, the vet may begin by first cleaning out its crop and giving it activated charcoal to help mitigate the effects of the toxin.

They may also sedate the parrot using anesthesia and use warm saline water to clean out the crop removing as much of the avocado as possible. 

The administration of activated charcoal keeps the toxins in the GI tract and prevents its spread to the rest of the body. If everything goes well, the vet may provide supportive care and give medications to manage the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Avocado Toxicosis In Parrots 

Symptoms of avocado toxicity typically develop within a few minutes to a few days after ingestion, and their severity can depend on the species of bird, the amount consumed, and the parrot’s health status.

  • Agitation
  • Lethargy 
  • Feather pulling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Vomiting
  • Heart palpitations 

How Much Avocado Is Safe For Parrots To Eat?

It is not recommended that parrots consume any avocado at all, not even in small amounts. It is highly toxic to them and the consequences can be fatal. 

While some parrots may be more resistant to persin than others, there is no clear consensus on how much avocado is safe for each parrot species to eat. 

However, the Northern Suburbs Veterinary Hospital outlines the fatal dose of avocado for Canaries, Budgies, and Cockatiels.  

  • Budgies: 3.5 grams
  • Cockatiels: 20 to 30 grams
  • Canaries: 2 grams

It should be kept in mind that feeding your parrot any amount of avocado is potentially a risk to its life. Therefore, you to avoid feeding it to your parrot altogether and take measures to prevent it from happening. 

Is Avocado Toxic To All Birds 

Avocado is known to be toxic to many animal and bird species including parrots, canaries, finches, chickens, and budgerigars. However, the severity of the toxicity of avocados can vary depending on the bird species, size, environment, and individual health. 

According to the study published by MSD Veterinary Manual on Avocado Toxicosis in Animals, pet birds or caged birds are more sensitive to the effects of avocado in comparison to poultry birds such as chicken and turkey. 

Although avocado is toxic to all birds, certain pet bird species such as budgerigars, and cockatiels can be at a higher risk of health complications from the ingestion of avocado. This may be due to their smaller size and certain environmental factors. 


Can Parrots Eat Guacamole?

You should never feed guacamole to your parrots. Not only is it made from avocado, guacamole also contains other ingredients that can be harmful to parrots, like onion and garlic. Plus, the spices and salt in guacamole can create more problems for parrots.


Avocado has numerous health benefits for us humans. Some of you might even have it as a regular part of your diet. However, the possibility of avocados lying around in your kitchen or even the idea of its peels dropping on the floor can potentially feel like a health hazard for your parrot.

Avocados are quite literally poison for our parrots that can put them in serious danger. So it is important you throw out all parts of the avocado, including the skin, flesh, pit, and leaves, and take necessary precautions when you have a parrot in the house. 

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