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Can Parrots Eat Yogurt?

Yogurt has long been touted as a superfood, praised for its natural probiotic content and numerous health benefits. So much so that it is said it can be safely consumed by people with lactose intolerance.  

While it is made from the same ingredient that can make your parrots’ bowels lose control, yogurt actually is a lot easier to digest than other types of dairy. 

This is because yogurt is made using cultured milk, which removes lactose in the process of fermentation and contains live bacteria for better digestion.    

So, you can give your parrot a small scoop of your yogurt without worrying about creating a mess around the house. 

Parrots can eat yogurt occasionally as long as it is unsweetened. Greek yogurt is an even better option since it contains the least amount of lactose of all other types of yogurt. Although parrots are lactose intolerant, the probiotics in yogurt help them break down lactose quicker.

Is Yogurt Bad For Parrots?

Plain yogurt has less amount of lactose compared to milk. One cup of plain yogurt (200g) contains 8g of lactose whereas one serving of milk (200 ml) has around 11g. However, yogurt is made from cultured milk, which is rich in probiotics (good bacteria) and aids in the digestion of lactose.

Therefore, it puts less stress on the digestive system to break down the sugars and makes it much easier to digest. Unlike other types of dairy, yogurt, especially Greek yogurt won’t bother your parrot’s tummy much. 

That being said, yogurt is still a dairy product and should be consumed in moderation by parrots. Parrots have a hard time digesting milk, however, most of them can have a small serving of yogurt occasionally without any trouble.  

Can Parrots Have Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt contains much lower amounts of lactose compared to milk, and almost half of that is found in regular yogurt. Therefore it is gentler on a parrot’s stomach and can be consumed safely in small amounts.

Greek yogurt also contains natural probiotics that benefit the gut bacteria and help in the break down of lactose. It has many benefits not only for the digestive system but also for boosting immunity. 

Can Parrots Eat Frozen Yogurt? 

Although having a small portion of frozen yogurt will not hurt your parrot, it is certainly not good for them. Frozen yogurt is very similar to ice cream. While the main ingredient in ice cream is heavy cream, frozen yogurt is made primarily from cultured milk. The main difference between the two is that frozen yogurt contains less lactose.

Frozen yogurt is no doubt a healthier alternative to ice cream, but the ones available in the market contain high levels of sugar and other additives. If you want to let your parrot have a taste of frozen yogurt, it’s best to make it at home using natural ingredients and ideally with no or least amount of sugar added to it. You can use plain yogurt or coconut yogurt as a base, and add in a little bit of fresh fruits such as berries or bananas. It will add to the flavors as well as the nutrition.

Can Parrots Eat Yogurt Drops?

Yogurt drops are not the healthiest treat for parrots. Although, they may seem like a healthy snack made from yogurt and fruits, yogurt drops usually contain boatloads of sugar, artificial flavorings, and other unhealthy ingredients. While parrots can eat yogurt in moderation, it’s best to avoid feeding them high sugary items such as yogurt drops.  

What Happens If My Parrot Eats Yogurt? 

While yogurt is not a low-lactose item by itself, the presence of live bacteria makes it so it can be easily digested. So, an occasional small bite of plain or Greek yogurt will do no harm to your parrot and is absolutely fine. However, if your parrot indulges a little too much in your favorite flavored yogurt, it could possibly have a hard time controlling its bowel movements for some time.  

All parrots are lactose intolerant to some extent. Although some species may not be as sensitive to the effects compared to others, they might still notice some symptoms of diarrhea if they consume yogurt in excess. 

Generally, it is recommended to give your parrots no more than a quarter-sized portion of any kind of dairy like yogurt. This ensures their digestive system gets enough time to process lactose and get accustomed to it, especially if they are having it for the first time.  

Can Parrots Eat Vegan Yogurt?

Vegan yogurt can be a good option for parrots as dairy is not always easy on their stomachs. Parrots can enjoy vegan yogurt made from non-dairy milk such as almond, or coconut milk. However, keep in mind that not all vegan products are parrot-friendly. Soy, in particular, has been known to cause long-term health complications due to the use of pesticides and hormones. Also, it does not have much nutritional value for a parrot and can contribute to unhealthy weight gain. 

That is why it is important to always check the ingredients and make sure that the vegan yogurt you’re serving to your parrot does not contain any added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or other unhealthy additives. If you’re unsure whether vegan yogurt is a suitable food for your parrot, it’s always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian to advise you on your parrot’s specific dietary needs.

Can Parrots Have Coconut Yogurt?

Parrots can eat coconut yogurt as it is practically lactose-free. Coconut yogurt is made by using coconut milk and probiotic additives. It is a great alternative to yogurt made from dairy and contains various essential nutrients as well as a good amount of live bacteria. However, you should only give your parrots the unsweetened ones. If you are buying it from the store make sure that it does not contain any added sugars or artificial sweeteners. 

Can Parrots Have Almond Milk Yogurt?

Almond milk yogurt is another type of vegan yogurt that you can feed your parrots without any worries. Not only is Almond milk yogurt free of any kind of lactose, but it is also low in calories and saturated fats. It is also a straightforward recipe that uses two main ingredients – almond milk and some probiotic powder. You can serve it as a delicious snack for your parrots.   


You shouldn’t necessarily keep your parrots away from yogurt just because it has lactose in it. However, you do need to be mindful of how much they are having. More importantly, you should know about your parrot’s individual dietary limitations. 

It’s a good idea to consult with an avian specialist if you have any concerns. I personally consulted an avian vet about my African Grey and Budgerigar to know whether if yogurt can be safe for them. Although they both have different tolerances due to their size difference, I found that giving them the right kind of food and the right amount is key to avoiding any digestive upset.   

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