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11 Pet Birds With Long Lifespans (Over 30 Years)

Owning a bird is a commitment, often a longer one than most other types of pets, as birds in general are some of the longest-living creatures on the planet.

So, If you’re looking for a long-term companion, your options are vast. However, the average lifespan of parrots and other pet birds in captivity can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as care, diet, and living environment.

A well-cared-for pet bird has the potential to live a long time, and in some cases even outliving its owner. We’ve rounded up 11 of the longest-living parrot species that make excellent pets.

Longest Living Pet Birds

Consider these 11 longest-living pet birds to be your companion: 


Blue and gold Macaw

The big size and vibrant feathers make Macaws one of the most attractive and sought-after parrots. From their personality to their striking appearance, everything about them is larger than life. And as is the case with size in the avian world, the largest birds live the longest. 

Macaws are long-living parrots that can easily reach 30–50 years in captivity. However, some even live to be over 80. There is a popular misconception surrounding the claim that Winston Churchill had a Blue and Yellow Macaw named Charlie who lived for 124 years. 

According to an article by the International Churchill Society, Winston Churchill never owned a Macaw, instead he owned an African Grey. Churchill’s daughter has refuted the existence of such an exceptionally long-lived macaw in their family. 

Macaw have a long life expectancy, but the idea of them living over 120 is pretty far-fetched. Macaws are great birds if you’re looking for a lifetime companion pet for yourself. They are gentle and loving creatures, although they do like to chew and destroy everything that comes near their beak. 


Galah cockatoo

Affectionate, social, and curious, Cockatoos bond lovingly with their owners, sometimes obsessively even. They are sometimes referred to as velcro birds due to their over-possessive nature. 

According to the International Zoo Yearbook, Cockatoos have the highest longevity and the longest reproductive life spans among other parrots. Cockatoos have an average lifespan of 20-40 years in the wild but in captivity, with good care, they can live up to 60 years. 

A subspecies of cockatoo holds the world record for the longest-living parrot. According to Guinness World Records, a Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo named Cookie lived for 82 years of age before passing in 2016 setting the record for the oldest parrot ever. 

African Greys

African grey parrot playing with toys in its cage

African greys are well known for their high level of intelligence and exceptional talking ability. They’re social birds that demand a lot of interaction from their owners. However, they’re also very perceptive birds that are understanding of other’s emotions. 

In captivity, African Greys can live 40–60 years, although some individual birds have been shown to cross that mark. Interestingly, African greys do not have such a great track record for survival in the wild, with their average life span being approximately 23 years. 

Amazon Parrots

Double yellow headed amazon

Amazon parrots are popular medium-size parrots with boisterous and fun personalities. They take delight in destroying house furniture and can be loud as well.

Amazon parrots are also prolific talkers. They’re outgoing and have a friendly nature. But they can get too attached to one person, so it is important that they get equal attention from all family members. 

There are over 30 parrots in the Amazona genus, and their lifespans can vary widely. Amazon parrots have a lifespan of around 25-60 years.

The double yellow-headed Amazon and the southern mealy Amazon are among the largest Amazon parrots and as such have a higher life expectancy of around 60 years. 

Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus parrots are renowned for their striking sexual dimorphism and vibrant plumage.

Males typically flaunt bright emerald green feathers with splashes of red and blue, while females have a predominantly deep red plumage with purple hues on the abdomen and nape. As pets, they are calm and easy-going, but they do tend to make a lot of noise. 

The average lifespan of an Eclectus parrot is 30-40 years in captivity. But they can survive for up to 50 years in the wild.

Some experts theorize these parrots do not do well in captivity because their dietary needs aren’t properly met. 

Eclectus parrots are frugivores. Their diet primarily consists of fruits and vegetables and only a small amount of pellets and treats. They are especially prone to Vitamin A deficiency, which can lead to a number of health problems in birds.   


Caique parrot hopping

The clowns of the bird world, caiques are goofy, mischievous, and fun-loving parrots. These feisty birds are always full of energy and sometimes they may release this energy by doing their signature hop. Caiques jump up and down when they are excited, which is fun to watch. 

A caique’s average lifespan is about 26 years, but many aviculturists believe they can live up to 40 years. There are some anecdotes of caiques living over the age of 30, but those might be exceptions. 

Pionus Parrots

White-capped Pionus

Pionus parrots are one of the less popular pet birds, and that’s partly because people often like to go for the more brightly colored parrots. They have a darker olive-green plumage with accents of white, blue, and other different colors. 

Compared to other parrots, Pionus parrots are much quieter and docile. They are not only loving and cuddly but also exhibit high intelligence, making them excellent additions to the family. 

They’re somewhat underrated as pet parrots, but the good news is that they can become cherished members of your family and a long-living companion for you. Pionus parrots have an average lifespan of over 30 years. 

Senegal Parrots 

Senegal Parrot

With a charcoal grey head, grey beak, and yellow iris, Senegal parrots do not have the most inviting look among parrots. However, their personality is wholly different from what their appearance might suggest. 

Senegal parrots are sweet, playful, and cheerful birds. They are also the most popular of the Poicephalus parrot species. They have a lifespan of around 25-30 years but some have been reported to live as long as 50 years in captivity. 

Meyer’s Parrot

Meyer’s Parrot 

Another parrot from the Picephalus family that we included in our list is the Meyer’s parrot. They are relatively smaller in size, measuring up to just 8-9 inches, but despite that Meyer’s parrots have a high life expectancy. 

The average lifespan of Meyer’s parrot is 20–30 years, but with proper care and nutrition, they can live longer, sometimes reaching the age of 40. They can be a good choice for someone who is looking for a small-sized but long-living parrot. It is quite a rare combination in birds. 

Quaker Parrot

Quaker Parrot walking on grass

Another amazing talking bird with a good life expectancy is the Quaker parrot. Quaker parrots, also known as monk parakeets, have an average lifespan of 20–30 years. However, with good care, some Quaker parrots can live for more than 30 years. 

These adorable parrots bob, quake, and have a smorgasbord of fun antics up their sleeves. Quaker parrots are highly social and active, making your day more entertaining. 


Peach-Fronted Conure

Conures are relatively long-lived compared to other small birds. They can live around 20-30 years. However, many reports suggest that they can reach such high ages only if taken proper care. Improper care can shorten their lifespan to 10-20 years. 

Sun Conure, Green Cheek Conure, and Nanday Conure are some of the most commonly kept bird species from this family. Despite their small size, conures are known to be very loud and vocalize frequently. However, they are playful and loving birds that make great family pets. 

Special Mentions

This feature was meant to include pet birds that live at least over the age of 30 on average. However, I would be remiss not to mention some of the birds that don’t quite match those criteria but are worth your attention. 

Indian Ringnecks

Indian Ringneck Parakeet perched on a branch

Indian ringnecks usually live between 15-25 years, but there have been many owners report of them living over 30. They are sweet and social birds, but they require a lot of attention. Among, the parakeets, they are one of the best talkers and are quite chatty. They also make melodious vocalizations, although can be a little noisy at times. 


Rosy faced lovebird

Affectionate, charming, and colorful, these small parrots are highly social and form strong bonds with their owners. Lovebirds have a playful and energetic behavior, often engaging in activities like climbing, chewing, and keeping themselves busy. Lovebirds in captivity can live between 10 and 20 years, though 12 to 15 years are more typical.

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