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11 Best Medium-Sized Parrot Species (13-20 Inches)

Medium-size parrots can be just the right choice for many people because they combine the best traits of the smaller and larger species. They usually have long lifespans, a manageable size, and make all around good fit for owners. 

There’s no standard definition for what constitutes medium-sized in parrots, but generally, parrots in this category measure between 13-20 inches and weigh in at about 150–600 grams, with some variations in that. 

While these parrots have a common size, there’s a lot more to them. These species vary in personality, abilities, trainability, temperament, and even their requirement for accommodation. 

Top Medium-Sized Pet Parrots

Here is our list of the best medium-sized parrots:

  1. Amazon Parrots
  2. Mini Macaws
  3. Indian Ringneck Parakeet
  4. Derbyan Parakeet 
  5. Moustache Parakeet 
  6. Cockatoos
  7. Vasa Parrot
  8. African Greys 
  9. Eclectus Parrots
  10. Cockatiels 
  11. Quaker Parrots

Amazon Parrots

The Amazon parrot family is the first on this list because they are widely regarded as great medium-sized parrots, with their size falling within the range of 13 to 20 inches. While the majority of Amazon parrot species fall into the medium-sized category, the Black-Billed Amazon Parrots and White-fronted Amazon Parrots are the only two exceptions with sizes under 10 inches. 

Amazon parrots have charming personalities and exceptional vocal abilities. Some species such as the blue-fronted, and yellow-naped Amazons are considered to be among the best talkers. 

Chewing toys, if not the furniture is a fun habit of theirs along with play biting, where they hold your finger in their beak without actually biting. However, you should be careful as they can sometimes bite if you don’t read their body language correctly.  

Lilacine Amazon

Mini Macaws

Macaws are a species of large parrots; however, within their expansive family, the category of mini macaws represents the smaller versions of them, at least when judged by macaw standards. 

Mini macaws are a group of smaller macaw species that are usually around 20 inches in size, which places them in the medium-sized bird category. ,

These macaws exhibit similar charismatic personalities as their cousins. Their manageable size makes them well-suited for people who live in apartments while still seeking the captivating and interactive qualities that macaws are known for. 

Each of the mini macaws has its own unique charm and characteristics. Hans Macaw is a popular bird of this parrot genus and also one that is the smallest at under 12 inches. 

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

The Indian Ringneck Parakeet is a medium-sized bird, larger than typical parakeets. The males of this species have a distinct black ring around their neck and come in a variety of colors including green, blue, white, and yellow. Indian Ringnecks are good talkers. They learn to repeat words and phrases pretty quickly and can be very eloquent in their speech. 

Having them as family pets is great because they like attention and interaction from everyone, offering both companionship and entertainment. Also, Indian ringnecks require a roomy cage to accommodate their long tails. 

Indian ringneck flying away

Derbyan Parakeet 

Another parakeet that defies the size standards for its species is the Derbyan parakeet. In fact, the Derbyan parakeet is the largest parakeet. It is a medium-sized bird that can grow to be 18–19 inches long and weigh 300 grams. 

They are quite vocal, expressing themselves through a variety of squawks, and chirps. Also, they are moderately talkative. Derbyan parakeets have the habit of chewing everything they can find so you need to provide them with a consistent supply of chewables. 

Moustache Parakeet 

The mustache parakeet has a comical name and look. They have two bands of black feathers, one on their chin and the other right above their beak, making it look like they have a mustache and a beard. 

They’re medium-sized parakeets that are about 13 inches long. They are a ball of fun and love to interact, but they require a lot of attention. Their talking abilities are quite good, and they can easily learn new words and phrases. They are also quite vocal in squawks and chirps, but they are relatively low in volume. 

Mustache parakeets are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females can be identified by their appearance. Male mustache parakeets have bright beaks with yellow tips, while females have black beaks. 


Cockatoos include some of the longest-living bird species in the parrot kingdom. While there are some large birds in this group, the cockatoo family mostly consists of medium-sized parrots. 

Cockatoos are friendly and affectionate birds, sometimes even turning into one-person birds, which is why they have been given the name – velcro birds. 

Although cockatoos have a manageable size, many of them are not suited for apartments and require large enclosures. They are also not beginner birds, so it is important to do your research before you decide on any parrot. 

Umbrella Cockatoo, Galah, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, and Goffin’s Cockatoo are some of the popular birds from this species. 

Yellow Crested Cockatoo

Vasa Parrot

With a small head, unusually long neck, and dark grey feathers, the vasa parrot has a different appearance than most other parrots. They’re about 20 inches in size, but they need a bigger accommodation such as an aviary where they have the opportunity to fly and spread their wings. 

These parrots are curious in nature and enjoy their time playing with toys of interacting with people. However, they are not for everyone, due to the type of accommodation and the amount of dedication they need. 

African Greys 

African Grey Parrots, are great medium-sized parrots. They possess a high level of intelligence and emotional understanding.  African Greys are renowned for their extraordinary mimicry skills, showing an impressive capacity to learn and repeat words. 

That’s not all though, African greys are super intelligent and can also learn to associate words with actions and objects and understand the context in which words are used to some extent. 

If you’re looking to get an African grey, you should know that they demand more time and attention to stay mentally stimulated. African greys also fall into the category of dusty birds. 

African Grey Parrot

Eclectus Parrots

Captivating and colorful, Eclectus parrots probably have the most ornamented and distinct plumage of all parrots. They have a charming appeal and friendly nature. These parrots are mellow and gentle and one of the more quieter species. Eclectus parrots are medium-sized parrots that are 12–14.5 inches in length.

Eclectus parrot sitting on its perch


Cockatiels are popular pet parrots measuring between 12 to 14 inches in size. They are adorable-looking and cuddly creatures. Cockatiels are melodious whistlers and have a repertoire of pleasant vocalizations. However, they are not quite birds and can dial up the noise level in the house. They also have a beautiful crest that also happens to be an indicator of their mood. 

One important thing you should know about cockatiels is that they are dusty birds. They have powder downs, which means they shed a lot of dander. If any one of your family members is allergic, this might not be the bird for you. 


Quaker Parrots 

Social, intelligent, and vocally talented, quaker parrots are sometimes seen as an alternative for much more expensive birds. They are hilarious and cute and would walk up to you for cuddles. 

These parrots measure up to 13-14 inches, but they are a lot more feisty for their size. The one distinctive feature of Quaker parrots is their quaking or shaking, which can seem concerning to new owners at first. But that is totally normal. 

Quaker parrots tend to be very nippy all the time. If they are excited or overstimulated, it may many times result in them biting. This is different from the bite when they are being aggressive, however, it is still a common problem with them. 

Quaker parrot
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