Budgies are the best example of small parrots that can talk

8 Small Parrots That Can Talk

Larger species are often considered to be the best talkers in the parrot family and that is true for the most part. Parrots like the African Greys can mimic human speech and other sounds with notable accuracy and detail, which other parrots can barely come close to.

However, there are many small parrots with excellent talking ability, which is remarkable for their size and price tag. Some smaller species are known for their mimicking and talking skills and can gather an extensive vocabulary.

Small Parrots That Talk

Here are 8 small parrots with great talking ability:


Budgies are the most popular pet parrots around the world and for several good reasons. They are adorable little parrots with a friendly and outgoing personality. These small parakeets are talented talkers and can amass a large vocabulary of words. 

A male budgerigar named Puck, holds the world record for the largest vocabulary, with an impressive 1,728 words. Males are generally better talkers, so if want a chatty bird, they’re the right choice.

While budgies are pretty chatty and vocalize often, they are still relatively quiet birds, making them suitable for apartment living. They are also easy to care for and you will enjoy spending time with them. This makes budgies the best-talking parrots for beginners

Budgies can mimic human speech and repeat long phrases, although their talking voice might sound a bit more robotic than realistic. Nevertheless, they articulate words very clearly and their sound almost has an endearing charm. See this video and hear for yourself how well a budgie can talk. 


Pacific Parrotlets (Blue Mutation)

Everything about the parrotlets is tiny, except their personalities. It is amazing how much character and spirit parrotlets pack for their size. They are cute and active birds with a curious mind. 

Parrotlets are decent talkers but they are not as good as budgies when it comes to speaking with clarity, especially in the case of big phrases. They can pronounce easier words with decent clarity, although their voice is a bit scratchy and muffled. 

It takes a bit more work with parrotlets to get them to talk, but they are intelligent birds and are eager to train with you. Check out this parrotlet talking


Sun conure standing on its cage

Conures are known for their big voices. They have a relatively smaller build, but they can produce ear-splitting vocalizations, which only the owners with the deepest love for them can bear. 

Most conures can learn to talk and can say a fair amount of words. But they have a scratchy and high-pitched voice which makes the words they utter a little unclear. They are also unable to mimic sounds accurately. 

However, the talking ability can vary depending on the species of conure. The half-moon conure and the peach-fronted conure are considered to be the better talkers in the group. Listen to this conure talking.

Quaker Parrots

Quaker parrot eating a banana

Quaker parrots are gifted talkers that can learn to talk from a very young age. Without much effort from the owner’s side, these birds can learn to talk on their own and some can start talking as early as 3 months of age.

Their speech does not have the realism of a large parrot but it is very clear and precise. They pick up new words very easily, which helps them build a sizable vocabulary. 

Quaker parrots also have a wide-ranging vocal repertoire. These parrots are loud and vocal, often making chirps, whistles, squeals, and squawks. This is what a Quaker parrot talking sounds like. 

Indian Ringnecks

Indian Ringneck Parakeet perched on a branch

If you’re looking for a small to medium-sized talking parrot on a budget, Indian Ringnecks can be a great option. These birds are one of the best-talking parrots for their size. 

They have a very parroty and high-pitched voice, which sounds a bit comical but also endearing. But while other parrots of this size have a low-volume or scratchy talking voice, Indian Ringnecks probably have the clearest voice of all. Their quality of voice is impeccable and it is very clear to make out what they are saying. 

Indian ringnecks also have a large vocabulary and can memorize a lot of different words and phrases. It’s quite surprising how well they can remember and say the long and complex phrases. See this Indian Ringneck show off its mimicking skills.

Mustache Parakeet

Mustache Parakeet

Mustache Parakeet is a part of the ringneck parrot family, so it sounds very familiar to the Indian Ringnecks. 

They can mug up hundreds of words, learn difficult phrases, and mimic sounds they hear in the household. These birds are quite chatty and talk very frequently throughout the day. 

Like the Indian ringnecks, these birds have a squeaky voice but the quality is exceptionally good. Mustache parakeets have a playful nature and make entertaining companions. 


Chattering Lory

Lorikeets are really underrated as talking parrots. These colorful birds are not just good at vocalizing loudly, but they can also talk up a storm. 

Their voice has a raspy sound and they do not have accuracy when it comes to mimicking sounds. They are intelligent birds, which makes them highly trainable, inquisitive, and open to learning.  

Lorikeets can be trained to talk by repeating simple words like “Hello” or “Bye”. They can learn a few words but it takes a bit of effort on the owner’s part. 

They are fun-loving parrots, although they may be mischievous sometimes. Take a look at this Rainbow Lorikeet talking

Princess Parrot

Princess parrot

Princess parrots are beautiful pastel-colored birds native to Australia. They have a slender build with a long neck and long tail. 

Princess parrots are fairly quiet birds, communicating in soft chirps and whistles. Despite their low-volume vocalizations, these birds can learn to talk very well. 

They are quick learners and can learn to repeat words and bigger phrases as well. With some training, they can build a decent vocabulary of words. The princess parrots have one of the cutest talking and mimicking. Take a listen to these adorable birds here.

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