Can parrots eat blackberries

Can Parrots Eat Blackberries? (Low Sugar Fruit)

Blackberries are surprisingly low in sugar, which is partly the reason why they’re so popular as a healthy snack. 

If you have blackberries in your backyard, you may be wondering if it is safe for your parrot to eat some or go forage in there. 

Blackberries are safe for parrots to eat, but as with all fruits, they should served as treats.

They are especially low in calories and sugar, which makes them one of the healthier treat options for parrots.

Feeding blackberries to parrots also provides them with a variety of nutrients.  

Do Parrots Like Blackberries

Parrots love the sweet taste and pulpy nature of blackberries. Because parrots have a poor sense of taste, they do not register the tart and sharp taste of the blackberries as potently. However, they can detect and savor the sweet flavor of blackberries. 

Are Blackberries Good For Parrots?

Blackberries are one of the best fruits to give to your parrots. They are packed with good nutrients and are also low in calories and sugar. Blackberries are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Along with that, they are a treat for your parrot’s taste buds.

Low In Sugar 

Given their sweet taste, you would be surprised to know that blackberries are among the fruits with the lowest sugar content. Blackberries contain only a little below 5 grams of sugar for every 100 grams.

Compared to other fruits, this is quite impressive. In addition to that the fiber in blackberries also works to slow down the effects of sugar.  

Great Source Of Fiber

Fiber is an essential element in a balanced diet for parrots. A low-fiber diet can lead to problems like digestive issues, bloating, constipation, and stomach upset. Giving your parrot enough fiber in its diet ensures they have regular bowel movements and are able to pass stool easily. 

Fiber also helps in regulating blood sugar levels by slowing the rate of absorption of sugar. In addition to that fiber provides nourishment for the gut flora and keeps the parrot feeling full for longer.

High In Antioxidants 

Antioxidants are molecules that are obtained from certain nutrients that help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. They reduce the risk of many diseases for parrots. Some common antioxidants include vitamins C, A and E. Blackberries have an abundance of antioxidants.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

It is often hard to find good alternatives to plant-based sources of omega-3. If you’re looking to supplement your parrot’s diet with omega-3 fatty acids, blackberries are a great way to do that. It helps reduce inflammation and promotes heart and kidney health. It also improves the feather quality and beak health. 

Vitamin K

Blackberries are a rich source of Vitamin K. This vitamin supports various physiological functions and promotes heart and muscle health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the parrot’s body in many ways. It strengthens the defence of the immune system aiding in the fighting off bacteria and diseases. 


Manganese is an essential mineral for parrots. It is an important element in immune function, muscle growth, and various other processes. 

Can Parrots Eat Unripe Blackberries?

Unripe blackberries on a branch

Unripe blackberries are unsafe for parrots because of the compound solanine. According to the North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox, unripe blackberries contain solanine and are poisonous to both humans and animals. Blackberries that aren’t ripe are usually green, red, or purple in color. This means that the blackberries are not ready to be eaten. 

Can Parrots Eat Blackberry Jam Or Jelly?

If the blackberry jam is made following a sugar-free recipe, you can allow your parrot to eat it.

Jams and jellies are often loaded with sugars to make the flavors more appealing. But that is bad for a parrot’s health. 

The very high sugar content can cause their sugar levels to go up and lead to stomach upset if they eat too much.

Store-bought jams should be avoided. If you are making the jam at home, make sure you are using the ingredients that are safe for your parrot. 

Can Parrots Drink Blackberry Juice?

Fruit juices are not good for parrots because they contain high levels of sugar and lack fiber that is found in whole fruits. Parrots should not be offered blackberry juice due to its high sugar content. 

While blackberry, the fruit does not have a lot of sugar, the process of making juice removes the natural fiber and concentrates all the sugar in the liquid.

This is why juices are not suitable for parrots to drink regularly. It is always better to provide fresh, whole fruits. The pulp and fiber improve digestive health and also buffer the absorption of sugar. 

How Often Should You Feed Blackberries To Your Parrot?

While blackberries boast plenty of great nutrients, you should know that most of a parrot’s nutrition should come from pellets. Fruits and veggies should make a minimal portion of your parrot’s overall diet. 

You can feed blackberries to your parrot every day but offer them only as treats. Blackberries are incredibly healthy and packed with great nutrition. On top of that, blackberries do not contain a lot of sugar, which makes it the perfect fruit to be included in a parrot’s diet. 

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